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Walking the path of Goodness

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

If you really, seriously, took a moment to close your eyes and imagine yourself walking down this path.. and not alone... WITH Jesus, what in the world would you ask Him?

"Who am I going to marry?"

"What job should I take?"

"Where should I work?"

"What should I do about 'this'?"

"How can I be happier?"

"Why did my loved one have to pass away?"

"Do you love me?"

Seriously. Anything goes. He's not afraid of anything you say, or even how you say it, He just wants to listen, be there, fully present; engaging with each other's heart.

Whatever you say is up for grabs. He will bring His undivided attention, He is not bothered by any distractions. He doesn't have other plans that conflict with the walk, and wants to help you unpack the heaviness of life, of all your personal struggles.

When we think about "walking in Goodness" we probably picture the following scene:

- a really good looking self, (you got your best outfit on), with a good smile on your face, living "your best life," being a functioning member of society, sharing a good picture or two, weekly, of your life events, and a good group of people to share it with.

That, to most of us, is walking in Goodness. "A good life."

You probably do not picture it to look like this:

- walking with anger, sadness, confusion, lost in the darkness of your own suffering. Walking away from those who love you because you are withdrawing from getting hurt and putting yourself out there. Just, for once, trying to get out of your own head. This does not equal a sense of goodness for most of us.

For most of us, no. But Jesus probably likes the second option more than the first.

Actually, I am CERTAIN that Jesus likes the second option better than the first.

The good news of the Gospel (which actually means good news) is that Jesus comes close to us when we are least deserving. Jesus befriended a lot of angry, sad, confused, lonely, and suffering people and approached them all with a desire to help them, by befriending them.

He knew the power was in relationship. Relationship with Jesus is the only cure to numbness, laziness, insignificance, burned out energy, trying to control everything, perfectionism, powerlessness, and mediocrity.

Just one glance, touch, word, or walk with Jesus was enough to change, no -- transform --these peoples lives.

For them, walking in a path of goodness wasn't walking in their own habits, success, or even work, but walking with Jesus. He chose you -- like He chose the others -- it's not the other way around. We never have to worry about wondering if we are good enough to come close to Jesus because He's already waiting.

Walking in a path of Goodness, or righteousness, is nothing more than taking a stroll with Jesus to talk about what's going on in your life. We desperately need goodness in this world, and if there is a man who is Goodness personified, then we need to talk to HIM.

Just like any good friend does, He gives, says, and listens with all He has. He responds out of love for you. He does all for love of you. You are free to be yourself with Him. In fact, He's more of a substance kinda guy more than a "how's the weather," "did you catch the game last night?" kinda guy.

When you surround yourself with good people, good relationships, people who want, give, and treat you like sunshine -- because you are -- you naturally, without having to "conform," choose all of life's goodness for yourself and your time. So much so that you will never settle, tolerate, or be impressed by anything that is less than the love and dignity you deserve.

You deserve that in life. Not because you earned it, worked for it, or proved yourself, perfected your life, no, because Jesus said, "I shed my blood for it."

You, your very body, heart, soul, and life, was paid for. He claimed your dignity by giving up His own.

Men, who pursue a noble woman, give up their life of freedom to make a bride happy, and to dignify her until she dies.

Mothers, who birth a child from their body, out pour all their energy and health, and hands, and feet, mouth, and breasts, to give up their freedom to make their child happy, content, and eating dinosaur chicken nuggets.. and she does this until she dies.

Claimed. Never tossed to the side. Never left alone.

*sobs in the corner*

The richness of His Grace, His FREE desire to do this, the Crucifixion of God Himself was not finished WHEN you measured up and perfected your life and "manners" but it was already done. Like it happened, you guys. What's left is for you to say, "hey can we walk and maybe I can start to hear why you are so in love with me."

Jesus, walking with you, freely offers His whole goodness, every inch of His goodness, not holding it hostage, to love you to your core. "Think of walking with Jesus, with all of His words and teachings, not something you can do without, rather, something that is true consolation, the only safe path in all circumstances." (Alessandro Serenelli)

If you are walking towards ANYTHING less than beautiful, loved, and dignified, you are walking down the wrong path. The more you keep letting others, thoughts, and toxic things control your time and energy, the more you'll keep settling for what you think you deserve. Meanwhile, there's this God of the Universe over here ready to lift you up to Heaven. If this is the path you're walking in, for the sake of Love, and God, you need to run out and cut through the grass and get on the side where Jesus is. periodt.

Stop walking down a path of "perfection" because it doesn't exist. But Jesus does, and He's perfection. Try adding, offering, giving something to someone whose perfect. Try adding to it. Go ahead, try. You won't. You thought.

You know what you CAN (should) do though? Dwell in it. Rest in Him. Be with Him. Adore it in Him, be thankful for Him and that, that's walking in a path of goodness.

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Meet the Author:

Shannon is an energetic family girl who loves the Lord. She serves ministry in Philly and works closely to young girls and Theology of the Body. Shannon writes, prays, reads, and gets her fitness on in her free time. She is the Director of More Goodness Now and has a podcast in the same name that you can listen to here: anchor.fm/moregoodness

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