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The secret to life.

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

In my years of trying to figure out my purpose, plan, and work ethic I have been presented with everything I've wanted.

No joke.

Lord, may I please have a friend?

*Boom, here's 3.*

Lord, may I please have a boyfriend?

*boom, here's a menu of them to choose from!*

Lord, If I go get my group fitness certificate, can you give me a place to teach?

*boom, here you go.. and here's some awesome people to do it with!*

Lord, can I have a job to help young teens find purpose and love?

*boom, here's a ton of ways to do it!*

Lord, they are right.. you really can't be outdone in generosity.

As gratitude flows into the depths of my heart, in what feels like the smallest way to even show it because it still hides under this layer of "unworthy to receive," I thank the Lord.

As I write this, I firstly want you to know God's not a genie. As much as He gives, there really is a part of your humanity that purges the entire time you ask for His blessing over your life. Getting 3 new friends came with the discomfort of realizing the 2 toxic ones and painfully walking away from them. And new jobs are like breaking in new shoes; exciting to have, but painful to journey in in the beginning (leaving a lot of blisters). So no. Not a genie. God really just enlivens you and the desires of your heart because He wants us to LIVE while doing what we love.

Because He's not a genie gratitude is centered more on an insightful discovery...

what is going on in my heart in the asking?

I believe this will make me happy, therefore I ask you to make it happen, Lord

I believe this will cultivate my professional growth, let’s go get it!

Did I actually want the boyfriend or did I the idea of it?

Do I actually want someone to read this blog or do I just like the fact that I can post content?

The simplest truth of life is that God gifts me His listening ear, with a sprinkle of wisdom, a dash of honesty, and a cup of knowledge to put into words what's going on in my heart in what I ask Him. And that’s cool.

The secret to life is participating in that^^ And by “that” I mean prayer.

I'm not going to make you wait until the end of the article to hear my secret. And I am not going to be one of those stupid ads that say "the secret to losing belly fat! Click here!" and then make you buy $100 worth of things of get the secret and somehow realize after you spend the money they never actually told you the secret.....

Prayer unpacks the depths of our hearts and personalities. Prayer points us to our destiny.

Prayer puts us face to face with the purest love. Prayer Is comfort.

Prayer is trust. Prayer is relationship.

Prayer transforms us. Prayer is love.

Prayer is synonymous, but not limited to,

A long, in-depth and honest conversation under the stars at midnight.

A freedom in sitting with the person you adore and not having to say anything.

A long walk in the woods contemplating the meaning of your favorite song.

An unpacking of the desires you have and where they come from and what they mean.

An embrace. Be it a kiss, hug, snuggle, or more.

A word of blessings. Someone's smile towards you, or their encouragement.

A real good conversation (which doesn't happen as much as it should)

Feeling understood, heard, seen, delighted in for who you are -- not what you do.

The secret to life isn't getting the things you ask our Good God for, it's being aware of Him the whole time engaging all your senses towards the present moment.

Turns out, most times, those "things" you want are just pathways to create in you more and more deep sentiments of faith, hope, understanding, creativity, love, kindness, compassion, and trust for the long run. To put passion and desire and virtue into what we do at the very breath we do it is the most precious reality of life. It's what makes it worth living.

The secret to life (aka prayer) unpacks the truest "you" you have ever known. The best part of this unpacking is there are an infinite number of boxes. You can't run out. You just keep unpacking. The wrestling of life then becomes taking what you've unpacked in private and bringing it to the public so you can be "you" with all the "you" you could possibly "you" in every moment. 😊

If you got no guts to do that... you may never taste the glory of it.

I learned I have the gifts and talents to choose any path I want. I can... but I SHOULD only choose the things truest to "me” and God makes sure that’s what happens. (Rejections = blessings).

I thought the secret to life was to keep following trends and outlets to BE something in. If I kept up with them then I’m always making something of myself! And then they miraculously give me all the success, love, Grace, confidence, security, and happiness I can ever imagine.

Well, that race is over.

This sometimes feels like changing positions on the couch trying to get comfortable (thanks, Emily), and even trying to force a piece of a puzzle to fit in a spot it doesn't belong. I learned the problem isn't that I desire FOR my life to be full, (to want to be comfortable on the couch) no, the problem is where and how I am trying to fill.

Like the passage itself in John 21 reads, “the disciple's go fishing.” They want to catch a lot of fish, but they can't get one. Jesus then appears to tell them, "cast your net to the right side of the boat."

Jesus doesn't tell them to stop fishing He appears to tell them where they will best fish.

The lie we believe is this: "If I have this title, that speaking gig, or this circle of friends, or this status, then I can go out in this world and cast my net out and catch all the fish I want!" *The net being; a job, a social media account, a friend group, a perfect place where I am always seen, heard, received, favored, and considered.

Don't try to concoct some plan to imitate an influencer or person who has the abundance you're looking for. Because the unique abundance you want isn’t found in copying them, its in Jesus‘ specific plan at each moment for YOU. What He wants to give you is more personal than imitating someone.

Jesus wants you to cast your nets to try and catch what‘s next, who’s the right person to date and marry, where to work and grow, or what college to attend, but you gotta get comfortable letting Him tell you which side is the side to do it — because it’s the right ride.

The disciples took their already good thing (fishing) and listened to Jesus’ voice and together they created something beautiful.

The secret to life is letting Jesus feed our hungry hearts.

that's the whole point in searching, that we dig under the layers of our hearts to ”catch” ways of growing and loving more than we did the day before. it is the Lord Himself whose infinity allows us to know and feel the infinite possibilities of life. The depths of His eternal happiness lies in the invitation to be in a relationship with that. The voice of Him calling us to have faith in His power. The limitless ways He shows you how to use your gifts and talents are not found in having a title or a status, they’re in Him.

Only in prayer and journeying with Him does infinity and purpose build. When we are not quiet with ourselves, conversing with Him, we think that there's things He's holding out on us. Or that if we're not always posting/Instagram famous we are missing out on being seen or being important. Or if we don't go to that party this weekend we have somehow lost the opportunity to evolve or prove ourselves or BE someone important that night.


I want you to remember two things in finding yourself in life;

1. God doesn't remove you from the realities of this world or it's chaotic suffering. Love for God, and love from Him is not found outside of ordinary day-to-day circumstances. It is in them (Like something as simple as fishing). And it’s because of them that we know and understand the love and radical truth of God's essence speaking to us.

2. You are not meant to be a carbon copy of someone else. I love that we can see and admire the goodness of others, and even adore them, but that doesn't mean we are called to live the same life as them. The only life we are called to imitate is Jesus who lived and breathed for Divine love. Don't compare and don't even think there's anything you're lacking for the journey. . . You might just need to say a prayer.

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