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What the Hess is Mercy?

Why do I need to worry about Mercy?

Well if God is merciful why do I need to care about my sins?

I asked myself those questions at one point in my life; when I, for a change, was deep in thought rather than thinking of a witty joke or an idea for a Tik Tok.

I could tell you acts of Mercy, ways of Mercy, but not really the textbook definition of mercy.

Which is okay! 

I walked through the doors of Mercy. I heard about mercy for a year. I have told friends about mercy. I sit here today while writing this still actually learning and being amazed by mercy.

More particularly God's mercy.

I recently started reading the greatest Polish Pope and Saint, John Paul II's encyclical (which is just a fancy word for a letter to the other homies aka bishops) on mercy: Rich in Mercy. WOW it was amazing. It was unbelievable. it was earth-shattering. Hopefully, my writing and rambling can do it some justice. 

You see as a Catholic Young Adult I feel as if I am always in this searching mode, content with God, but always searching. Restless you could say. Or the climb you could say, cause its always gonna be an uphill battle…..

Now I can continue writing after lip singing to Miley Cyrus’ The Climb.

But it legit is such a life anthem of a 28-year-old who is not married and back in school changing careers. But one thing that always helps me in the climb when I fall down is mercy

Particular the mercy I receive from Jesus. In Pope John Paul's encyclical, he greatly focuses on Jesus’ mercy. Not just like the Prodigal son type mercy.

So at the end of the day this word Mercy means what?

Well, it doesn’t have to have a strict Webster definition. You see Mercy is more than a definition, more than a feeling. At the end of the day, it traces right back to suffering. And you see, suffering + Jesus = the Cross... but the cross as we truly know it... equals love.

So Mercy = Love.

Love that is never-ending. Like God wants to fill your heart with the whole beach but you are just accepting a little dollar store sand bucket worth from him.

What is Mercy?

What is Mercy to you?

Why does God give us Mercy?

Again the simplest answer to these questions and the simplest definition is LOVE.

Meet the Author:

Kevin "Paulie" Kozeniewski is a minister at heart but a Tik Tok wannabe. He enjoys his summers at the beach and has taken up a new hobby of sunset-biking-pictures (no one takes long walks on the beach anymore) but most importantly he is a son of God that was taught real men kneel.

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