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dating in the 21st century (is screwed up!) with Kate San Severino

Cue the "AWW's!!!!"

In this podcast episode (the gorgeous newlywed) Kate and I talk about the significance of waiting for the right person and not settling. Kate speaks to thousands of teens a year on chastity, dating with a purpose, the sacredness of love and life ... and now she gets to not only share those nuggets of wisdom BUT her own love story of how she has lived it! Talk about some pure GOODNESS.

Kate and I also touch on how hard dating is these days......

What's with all this toxicity, ghosting, sexual impatience, and loneliness??? Blah.

Meet the Co- Host:

Katelyn San Severino is the director of Generation Life, a non-profit Catholic organization that sends the message of life, chastity, and love to youth. Their message is simple; you are worth waiting for. Kate is a beyond joyful woman whose whole heart radiates God's love. Can't you see it in her smile!? You can follow her at @katelynd413 on instagram, and don't forget to give @generation_life a follow, too!

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