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Closure: a new Young Adult Catholic Novel!

Here's a two-for-one deal!

1. A sneak peek at a new young adult catholic novel, Closure

2. AND a podcast episode about one of the novels main themes: self-love.

Author Lindsey Todd and Shannon dive in to talk about self-love in, through, and during (or without) a romantic relationship. The two unpack what self-love is in their life and what fears if brings, and how to stand up for yourself (which isn't selfish). From perfectionism, to boyfriends, to purpose, the two speak of their own God inspired journeys.

How about adding a new book to your fall list? Sure, Catholics can read Aquinas and the Catechism in our free time for some juicy, hands-on truths, but what about the real stuff? The every day Catholic struggles ... like discerning a spouse? Where is the Catholic Fiction?

Meet Lindsey Todd, a Philly-raised wordsmith and Catholic Author. Lindsey is publishing her first novel, Closure. Here's the summary:

For Morgan, Philadelphia isn't "just" a city. It can never, will never, be "just" a city again.

From ordering cookies at a food truck at 2 a.m., to wading barefoot in a fountain near the famous Rocky statue, to drunk grocery shopping and midnight serenades, Wade is the center of Morgan's world. However, from the beginning, they face an irreconcilable difference that threatens to tear their relationship apart: though they were both born and raised Catholic, Morgan cares about her beliefs, and Wade resents them. When Morgan begins making her values a priority, confusion and bitterness surface as both parties struggle to accept that their once-perfect relationship is no longer a guarantee.

Years later, when Morgan revisits the city that has always been able to crack her heart wide open, she learns that closure can come in unexpected forms, and that sometimes, destiny lends itself to the most perfect of goodbyes between two people who really loved each other.

Breathtaking, heart-wrenching, and tumultuous, Closure will resonate with anyone who's ever had a first love they believed would last forever, and addresses the hard reality that growing up in a relationship ultimately means growing together or growing apart.

Today is the last day to get Closure at a discounts price, click here to get it!

For all the feels, check out the Closure Spotify Playlist, too!

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Meet Lindsey:

Lindsey Todd is a young adult author who is passionate about contributing to a new generation of Catholic fiction. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree at Dartmouth College, and runs her own content marketing business. She has a great love for literature, travel, nature, long baths, and her Shiba Inu, Mazie. You can follow her on Instagram: @veritaswords, and learn more about her work at www.lindseytodd.net

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